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The Care
What is the difference between nursing and residential in a Care Home?
Residents in Residential are generally people who can no longer cope at home by themselves and require the safety and security of having caring staff to help with their daily lives. They might need help with dressing, bathing and their personal hygiene. They are mobile and can walk with the aid of a stick or frame in the home but may need a wheelchair for outings.
Residents in Nursing are generally more dependent than those residents in residential. They may have a medical condition which requires the regular attention of a Qualified Nurse. A Fully Qualified Nurse (RGN) is available twenty four hours a day in a nursing home. Grange Hall provides care for both Residential and Nursing needs. Our Residents range from those who are able to walk about unaided to residents who are bed-bound and need special care to keep them comfortable.
If the home's fees are being paid by your local authority your social worker will decide whether you need residential or nursing care by carrying out an assessment of your needs.
Do you accept residents whose fees are paid by Social Services?
Yes, Our care services are fully available to residents funded by their local authority.
Who inspects your facilities? 
Grange Hall is registered and inspected by The Care Inspectorate (SCWCIS), Care Inspectorate Inspection reports are available on the SCWCIS website
  (you may need Adobe Reader to View Reports ... Available Here)
Do you admit residents who suffer from senile dementia or confusion?
We do accept residents who are forgetful or confused.
How many staff are on duty at Grange Hall?
In addition to the Nursing/Care Staff. There are Housekeeping, Laundry, Catering, Maintenance, Social Organisers and Administration Staff (There are usually an additional number of live-in staff who would be on hand in the unlikely event of an unforeseen emergency)
The staff are increased in accordance with resident numbers and care requirements, the minimum staff on duty is specified by The Care Inspectorate, Grange Hall strives to ensure that staff numbers and qualifications always exceed SCWICS requirements
Do your staff receive regular training?
Yes, all staff have the opportunity to attend regular in-house training sessions and are required to attend certain training sessions on manual handling and fire safety. Our qualified care staff (SVQ) or RGNs regularly attend training days to keep up to date on current practice.
What are SVQs?
Scottish Vocational Qualifications. A qualification which care assistants can achieve to prove they are          competent, knowledgeable and committed to their job, our care staff are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential
Can you help residents with incontinence problems?
Yes, we provide all necessary aids and pads and our trained staff will try to lessen the problem through good care practice.
Can a resident have a television in their room?
Yes, all rooms have a television aerial point, there are television's in all residents lounges with an extensive film library, there is also a large screen projection system in our Events Hall
What if a resident wants to make a phone call?
Residents may install a private line to their room if they wish, alternative or assisted arrangements for making/receiving calls can also be organised.
Do you charge extra for laundry?
No, our fees are fully inclusive (except dry cleaning). The only extra charges are for personal items such as newspapers, hairdressing and toiletries.
How do you keep residents in touch with the outside community?
We arrange regular outings by minibus. Residents enjoy trips to local areas and further afield such as Edinburgh  or a meal. On request we will provide transport for residents to attend local clubs or societies they belong to.
For residents that are either unable or do not wish to go on outings, there are numerous varied activities & events within the home which are held in various lounge areas and/or the large social centre
What happens if a resident has a hospital or doctors appointment?
As a general rule, we will arrange the transport to take our residents to their appointments and a member of staff will usually accompany them. We also have a weekly doctors surgery within Grange Hall
What about dentist and optician appointments?
We try to arrange domiciliary appointments but if this isn't possible the same applies as stated above.
Do you allow smoking?
We must comply with the Scottish Governments smoking regulations, No smoking is allowed in bedrooms. There is a smoking area available for residents, staff are not allowed to smoke within the care home
What precautions do you take against fire?
We have modern smoke and fire detection systems which are tested and maintained on a regular basis. Our staff receive regular training on how to prevent fire and on what to do should a fire occur.
What are your visiting hours?
As this is the residents own home there are no strict visiting hours. But we do ask that, if possible, you avoid early morning, meal times and late evening. We actively encourage residents to go out with their families and will provide any assistance we can. Family pets i.e; small/medium dogs, under supervision are also welcome to visit.
Who Pays the Bill?
What do I do if I need care?
Contact your local Social Services Department. If they think you need help they will carry out an assessment of your needs. This will involve talking to you and those people who already help you. They will give you a care plan which details the help are entitled to and may recommend that you move into a care home.
If you are in hospital the doctors and nurses may feel you need to be cared for in a care home after your discharge and will arrange for a social worker to advise and help you.
How do I find a care home?
Your Social Services Department will provide you with information about local homes that provide the type of care you need. You or a close friend/relative can contact any home and arrange a visit to see what care the home can offer.  If Social Services arrange for your admission into a care home they will take account of your preferences where possible.
Can I choose the home?
If you are paying the full fees yourself then you may choose which care home to go into, or move to. If Social Services are making the arrangements you can choose which home to go to, as long as the home provides the type of care you need, a contract can be arranged between the Care Home and Social Services and the fees are no more than Social Services would normally pay.
What if the fees are more expensive than Social Services will pay?
If a relative, friend or charity will pay the balance of your fees (Called Topup Fees) you may go to a more expensive care home in most cases. If you have qualified for your fees to be fully paid by Social Services, Grange Hall will not require an additional 'topup' fee from any other funding source, There is no 'topup' fee system in operation at Grange Hall
Can I move from one home to another?
How do I pay the fees?
If Social Services have arranged for you to go into a care home they will work out how much you will have to pay. Your contribution towards the fees of the care home will be calculated using standard rules based on your income, savings, investments and the value of any property you own. You will be allowed by Social Services to keep a personal allowance of £27.00 per week for personal expenses.
Social Services will calculate your weekly income including pensions and other benefits you are entitled to. They will not take into account any capital you have up to a value of £17,000.
If you have between £18,000.00 and £28,500 in capital you will have to pay an amount towards your fees. For every £250 or part of £250 you have over £18,000.00 you will have to pay an extra £1 per week towards your fees.
If you have capital valued over £28,500 then you will have to pay the full cost of your fees in the care home. More info here
Privately Funded Residents over 65 will usually qualify for the Scottish Government Personal Care Allowance Nursing Care Allowance of £261.00 per week  
Residential Personal Care Allowance is £180 per  week. 
Will I have to sell my home to pay for my fees?
You may have to sell your home unless your spouse lives there, or a relative under the age of 16 who you are responsible for, or a relative over 60 or who is incapacitated lives there. Social Services will also take into account someone who has been caring for you and still lives in your home.
If you have to sell your home then Social Services will continue to pay your fees until it is sold. When the property has been sold they will recover the amount they have paid towards your care home fees.
Will my husband or wife have to pay anything towards my fees?
If you are not paying the full cost yourself your husband or wife may be asked to contribute towards your fees. The amount will be agreed with Social Services.
If your spouse depends on your income, Social Services must take this into account and ensure they have a reasonable amount to live on. If you are married and have an occupational pension, Social Services must only take account of half of it as long as you are giving at least half to your spouse.
What if my capital falls below £28,500 after I have moved into a care home?
You should contact Social Services. If they agree the care home provides the type of care you require they may help you. In the unlikely event that they think the care home is unsuitable or too expensive they may ask you to move to a different care home that meets their requirements. In the case of Grange Hall we will always endeavour to ensure that any changes in funding arrangements do not cause you any inconvenience or concern.
What if I need further Information about Grange Hall that is not listed here?
Just pick up the telephone and ring Alison on 01896 848802..She will do her very best to help with any inquiry or concerns you may have.
Although we strive to ensure that the information provided is accurate, Grange Hall does not guarantee the accuracy of the above answers. For          detailed information you should contact your local Social Services Department
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Are there any allowances towards care home fee’s?
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